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MCTV, A Talent Agency in Sydney - Benefit Bigger, Benefit Better

MCTV, a leading talent agency in Sydney has a bold reputation of making successful models, actors, voice over artists, print models and corporate entertainers from people who have a love to perform and be in the spotlight.

Marketing and entertainment are two highly competitive streams. MCTV can help guide you to become a part of these coveted industries. As a talent agent in Sydney, MCTV will be your platform to help you reach greater heights and teach you skills needed for the entertainment business.

With two decades of being one of the top Sydney talent agencies we are proud to have a sound knowledge and experience of working in film and TV and also for providing the best talent for the most recognized brands in Australia. MCTV talent is sourced for most film, TV and photographic works filmed in Sydney than any other Sydney talent agencies.

Among all Sydney talent agencies you will see our actors and models everywhere, simply switch on the TV, walk down the street or go to the movies. Our talented performers are the faces on buses, in banks, on postcards, on billboards, in commercials, acting on some of your favorite TV shows and even in Hollywood movies!

We are a growing Talent agent in Sydney with a great reputation!

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Phone: 02 8270 8111


NSW Entertainment License number 3020286.

  • Anna Bella Annikins
    Anna Bella Annikins
  • Charmaine Louise Bunning
    Charmaine Louise Bunning
    I have been with Mctv since I was 16 so nearly 10 years and they have been great but i slackened off and now I think it's time to pick it back up :) bring on a good year
  • Zac Novak Barber
    Zac Novak Barber
    Been a part of MCTV for about 2 hours and it's awesome! Amazing people and incredible experiences. You will not regret if you sign up, there are so many opportunities to take hold of and the multiple chances to met someone famous If and when you do go in for an interview just tell Paul or Chris that Zac McWilliamsent you
  • Elizabeth Bouris
    Elizabeth Bouris
    I've been with MCTV for a few years now and found them wonderful. I've had a much better experience than with my last agency and am particularly impressed by their management of my daughter through Joey's.
  • Jasmin O'brien
    Jasmin O'brien
  • Vladimir Musson
    Vladimir Musson
  • See Myshell
    See Myshell
    Great agency. Within my first month, I've been considered 3 times, got an audition for a TVC, and then a call back. And even a job offer with a leading Bank. I signed my children with the agency & while I was at the office, Paul gave us a casting for the kids the same afternoon..
  • Wipere Davis
    Wipere Davis
  • Andrew McCarthy
    Andrew McCarthy
    This is my week.
  • Julie-anne Taylor
    Julie-anne Taylor
  • Lynette Wood
    Lynette Wood
    my friend Alex Wesson, is an extra and he speaks really highly of MCTV it was the best thing that ever happened to him.
  • Dragana Gambiroza-Lazic
    Dragana Gambiroza-Lazic
    I signed up with MCTV yesterday and they applied me for 5 jobs already, one of which was successful. So excited to be back in business after long break. Looking forward working with you guys!
  • Agobaa Cassandra Akol
    Agobaa Cassandra Akol
  • Moon Ie
    Moon Ie
  • Britt Amie Drew
    Britt Amie Drew
  • Kelvin John Medhurst
    Kelvin John Medhurst
  • Jeremy Costello
    Jeremy Costello
    M.C.T.V has been very good to me for over three years now! I do appreciate their efforts in finding me work in four major motion pictures and other jobs.
  • Rachelle Wells
    Rachelle Wells
    MCTV is an agency not a casting agent, they don't give you work they submit you for consideration to the people that do thats how the industry works. It is a legitimate agency to those scouring the comments to decide on whether to join. I have had a couple of jobs in the last 12 months and been offered a couple more that I couldn't do and I was paid appropriately. Paul and the team want their talent to succeed, your success is their success.
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